Corporate Wellbeing Recognition Scheme

GibSams welcomes the fact that many companies in Gibraltar have continued to embrace the need to develop and implement effective Health and Wellbeing policies for their employees.  We believe that there is a greater need now more than ever to have policies that sufficiently address both the mental and physical health of employees.

GibSams launched its annual ‘Corporate Wellbeing Recognition Scheme’ in September 2019 as part of its ‘Suicide Prevention Awareness Month Worldwide’ programme.

The scheme’s purpose is to publicly recognise and reward companies, regardless of the size of their businesses, that have successfully implemented positive changes for the benefit of their employees.

GibSams has received positive feedback from each of the recipients in respect of their involvement in the scheme. Commissioner Richard Ullger of the Royal Gibraltar Police says that participating in the scheme has changed the culture of the organisation, with mental health issues being discussed more openly.  Absenteeism is also said to be on the decline as absent rates have gone from 9-11% down to 1-3%, since taking part in the scheme.

GibSams continues to offer support and work with each of the worthy recipients that have successfully implemented positive changes for the benefit of their employees.

We believe that cultivating a work environment that fosters good mental health and wellbeing is essential.  By doing so, businesses can have a direct positive effect on their employee’s quality of life, and it also has an indirect benefit to Gibraltar’s economy and society as a whole. For many of us, work is a significant part of our lives. It is where we spend much of our time, where we earn our income, and often where we make meaningful friendships.

A range of factors influences our mental health and general wellbeing.  These include our feelings of fulfilment at work; the way we feel about ourselves, our sense of purpose, belonging and control. Employees depend on it to perform and work to their maximum ability, which further makes the management of employees’ mental wellbeing the right business decision for employers. Through the course of our lives, many of us experience a variety of physical health problems, from colds and sore throats to sprained ankles and broken bones. Similarly, we all have times when life becomes too overwhelming from a mental health perspective. Sometimes that may be work-related, or it could be something else – whether it is our physical health, our relationships, or our general circumstances.

For Gibraltar’s businesses to flourish, they need to let their employees know that it is ok not to be ok.  That any requests for support in respect of their mental health will not be held against them or prejudice them in any way at their workplace. They should not treat the promotion of both mental and physical wellbeing in our workplaces as an “initiative”.  They should instead concentrate on how fostering a positive workplace culture will allow their employees and businesses to thrive.

One of GibSams’ aims is to increase awareness in Gibraltar of how we all have mental health as well as physical health.  Both should be deemed equally important in the workplace, and all employees should have an appropriate level of support they may require from their employers.

The success of a business should start with the health and wellbeing of its employees.

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