Community Awareness

Our Outreach Team of volunteers is active in all sectors of our local community. They help to raise awareness of our services so that people in Gibraltar know who we are and what we do. They arrange awareness events, attend concerts and festivals, community open days, corporate events and events organised for GibSams by others in the community. They distribute information and material so people know how to contact GibSams when they need us.


To find out more and how to get involved in an awareness event, please contact us at

Public transport

Thanks to the Minister for Transport, we have placed posters on the route buses, the bus shelters and inside every public bus. This has helped GibSams in reaching all sectors of Gibraltar’s community.

Memory Bench

In 2019, GibSams commissioned a Memory Bench placed in a quiet location in the beautiful Alameda Gardens overlooking the sea.

It is the perfect place for anyone to sit for a while in quiet contemplation or remember a loved one who is no longer with us.

Essential Services

We give Awareness Presentations to all RGP officers to identify and deal with distress and support them in the event of a suicide or other traumatic incident.

We are in the process of rolling out these awareness presentations to the other Essential Services, starting with the officers of the Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service.

Health Services

We work well with the Minister for Health and Mental Welfare’s professionals to improve their services.

GibSams is a service that is relevant to Mental Health patients. Outpatients and those who have been inpatients and have been discharged benefit from knowing that they can call GibSams at any time they need to speak to someone.

Our Outreach Team has also given presentations to the School of Nursing Studies as they deal daily with sick people and could themselves need support. The families of patients also benefit from knowing about GibSams as they are also under stress.

Awareness Events

GibSams’ Outreach Team delivers awareness events throughout the year at various locations that outline the great work that GibSams does and how you can help the charity.

September Suicide Prevention Month

September is the month that the whole community rallies around GibSams to promote awareness of our services and encourage people to talk about whatever is causing them distress.

The Moorish Castle shining bright in green heralds ‘September Suicide Awareness Month’. We launch the month’s events with our now very popular ‘Open Awareness Day’. We invite all other charities that give first-hand assistance to attend so the public can see what help is available should they need it.

Events are organised throughout the month, from concerts to bingo and quiz nights, youth music nights and sporting challenges.


The theme throughout ‘September Suicide Awareness Month’ is “It’s time to care for each other. Let’s be kind; it’s ok to talk. GibSams is always there to listen.”

Green Friday

Green Friday is the last event in our ‘September Suicide Awareness Month’ calendar. Everywhere you look, the city of Gibraltar is awash in green. From school pupils, office workers, and even our Essential Services, if you look down a street, you will be sure to see a sea of green!

GibSams Christmas

Christmas is the time of the year for Christmas carols, Christmas trees and lights.

Our Rendition Singers provide our community with Christmas cheer every year with their own popular Christmas Concert in the town centre. Children and adults alike gather around and are welcome to join in the singing.

Christmas Day Lunch

GibSams understands that Christmas can be a very lonely time of year for people who are on their own.

In an effort to alleviate loneliness, GibSams organises a free Christmas lunch which has proven to be a resounding success.

Many in our community have no family to spend time with during Christmas. This includes widows, widowers, and single parents who could do with some company.

You may feel lonely, or Christmas may be a difficult time of the year for you. Whatever the reason may be, please join us for a warm welcome and great food during an enjoyable meal where young and old mix in keeping with the true festive spirit.


We at GibSams believe that no one should be alone at Christmas.