GibSams Talking Toolkit

Let’s get Gibraltar Talking!

There are times in life when a few words can make a huge difference, but there are also times when words escape us altogether.

Approaching conversations about mental health with someone you care about requires patience, sensitivity, and empathy. It is important to allow them the space and time to open up and share their feelings free from judgement.

You can contact us on 116 123

Conversations around mental health are not about ‘fixing’ or solving their problems for them – often they are about offering a listening ear and guiding someone towards professional help if required.

Remember, you don’t need to diagnose or have the answers. You are just having a conversation, but perhaps one that may change someone’s life for the better. The toolkit includes information like;

  • Active Listening
  • Mental Health Conversations
  • Language and Mental Health
  • Self Care

Our Talking Toolkit aims to provide you with information and communication techniques to start and support positive conversations around mental health. Use it as a reference point, but remember to seek professional help if required.

Talking Toolkit

GibSams Trustee David Revagliatte, in collaboration with Janice Benning, founder & CEO of ‘Neuro Vitality Ltd’ and Mental Health First Aid England approved Instructor, co-wrote the ‘Talking Toolkit’.