We are proud to work with many organisations throughout Gibraltar to spread awareness of employees’ mental health and our services.

Please contact us at info@gibsams.gi if you would like to discuss how your organisation can partner with GibSams to promote the charity and its services to Gibraltar’s community.
Royal Gibraltar Police and Gibraltar fire and Rescue Services

A memorandum of understanding was signed between the Royal Gibraltar Police, the Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Services and Gibsams.

This MoU aims to establish a better collaborative working framework between the three organisations and improve the services we provide to the Gibraltar community.

GibSams provides a confidential chat service and helpline to individuals experiencing distress or suicidal thoughts. This multi-agency initiative seeks to cement that approach on a purely anonymous basis, streamlining lines of communication to become more effective in crisis situations.

GibSams, on behalf of each of the three organisations, emphasises the understood importance of the anonymity factor, and emergency responders will not seek personal details from individuals at risk.

Building your resilience

Coping with change

Let’s talk mental health

Guide to physical health

Managing stress

NatWest International

To coincide with World Mental Health Awareness Week, NatWest International launched a partnership with GibSams to offer wellbeing resources and support for the residents and communities of Gibraltar.

These materials are hosted on the NatWest International website and are also available here on this page for you to share. The resources and support documents are designed to provide advice on aspects of wellbeing, including Physical Health, Mental Health, Financial Wellbeing and Social Wellbeing. Created by experts as part of NatWest International’s ‘Live Well Being You’ programme for colleagues, these resources provide a wealth of information and advice, which the bank is proud to be able to share with the communities it serves.

“As a local bank our purpose is to help the customers and communities we serve thrive, and in these really challenging times it’s vitally important that we work in partnership to focus on the wellbeing of the people of Gibraltar. Over the past year we created a wealth of material for our colleagues to help focus on ways in which to support them and it is only right that we extend that help to our local community. GibSams is a fantastic organisation wholly focused on providing support for those that need it and we hope that this partnership will flourish over the coming months.”

Gordon Paterson, NatWest Country Head

“Working alongside GibSams is a great example of where our purpose comes to life and is at the heart of what we do. GibSams has a clear sense of their own purpose – to raise awareness and provide emotional and mental wellbeing support in their community and our recognised wellbeing resources are the perfect way to give back and provide support to help them continue to do that.”

Fiona Levy, HR Director RBS International

“We are absolutely delighted to form a working partnership with NatWest International and grateful that they chose GibSams as the charity through which they could offer support to the community they serve.

Natwest was a recipient of GibSams’ Corporate Wellbeing Recognition Awards in 2020 in recognition of the excellent wellbeing resources they have developed for their staff. It is really good news that these resources will now be made available through our website as well.

Thank you, NatWest! We look forward to working with you and developing our partnership further for the benefit of our shared community.”

Marielou Guerrero MBE, Chairman of GibSams
Europa Football Club

Europa FC partnered with GibSams to help promote the charity and its services to Gibraltar’s community.

GibSams recognised the importance of having athletes involved in our work to help spread awareness of our services to athletes and their supporters who can also suffer mental distress for whatever reason.

GibSams is very pleased that Europa FC has implemented wellbeing and safeguarding measures and was one of the inaugural recipients of its Corporate Wellbeing Recognition Awards in 2020.

Europa FC
Europe Stormers
Europa Stormers Rugby Club

Europa Stormers Rugby Club partnered with GibSams to help promote the charity and its services to Gibraltar’s community.

Europa Stormers Rugby Club created a series of videos supporting GibSams, particularly its ‘Let’s get Gibraltar talking’ campaign via their social media platforms. They also introduced a point scored per-game system throughout their 2020/21 season wherein the total funds raised were donated to GibSams at the end of the season. They also participate in various fundraising events and collect money for GibSams throughout the season on match days.